BitGate sponsoring and presenting at Hegnar seminar

The traditional finance sector is drawing its attention to the cryptoeconomy, and Norway’s biggest institutions were all present at Blockchain, a seminar hosted by Hegnar Event at the Grand Hotel in Oslo on Tuesday this week. Alongside speakers representing EY, DNB,...

BitSpace gathers Nordic crypto elite in “world-class blockchain event”

  CryptoFinance 2017 World-leading cryptocurrency personalities were flown in, national media were present, and the entire Norwegian cryptocurrency and blockchain community was gathered for a full-day event in Oslo, Norway on Thursday October 19th. In a packed venue,...

Introducing CryptoFinance 2017

BitSpace will be hosting its second annual CryptoFinance summit on October 19th. The event will take place in Oslo, Norway at Ballroom, located right in the center of Oslo. Following up on the success of last year’s event, we want to make this year’s CryptoFinance an...

The almighty price of Bitcoin

Who is in charge? The Bitcoin hype is upon us, and the thousand dollar marks are passed one after the other. Usually, the news stories appear when the price reaches new record-highs, of which there has been no shortage in in 2017. From being worth only a couple of...

The Cryptoeconomy Rally

The recent growth in the cryptocurrency market has been breathtaking. In less than two months, the price of Bitcoin has doubled, but compared to many other cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin has almost been standing still. Since the altcoin rally started picking up the pace in...

BitGate Sponsors at Oslo Blockchain Day

For the second time, Jon Ramvi hosted the annual Oslo Blockchain Day. Featuring main speaker Andreas Antonopoulos, the event comprised talks, panels, stands and workshops. As one of the sponsors of the conference, BitGate was represented with a presentation by CEO...

Anarchapulco Conference

BitSpace meets Roger Ver, Jeffrey Tucker, Vit Jedlička, ++ With a travelling delegation of three people, BitSpace was represented at this year’s Anarchapulco conference in beautiful Acapulco, Mexico. We arrived on Friday the 24th of February 2017 to a gorgeous...

BitGate won Norwegian Fintech Award

BitGate won the Norwegian Fintech Award as "Newcomers of 2016" at OsloFinTech Fest: Future of FinTech & Banking We are of course very excited to receive this award and would like to shout out to our team and everyone that has been supporting us. Bitcoin exempted from...

BitSpace business presentation with Laboremus

BitSpace recently held a presentation on blockchain and cryptocurrencies for the fintech company Laboremus. The presentation was an in-depth introduction to how blockchain works. It also introduced the developers and the management to the opportunities and synergies...

Bridging the Gap with Steem!

In this post we will talk about how Steemit Bridges the Gap between early adopters and early mainstream users. Then we'll talk about how we are doing our part for the success of Steem and cryptocurrencies. Steemit Steemit is bridging the gap between the cryptocurrency...


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